Hypnobirthing preparation experiences

I couldn’t ask for a smoother birth. I gave birth naturally without anesthesia in a birthing pool. The midwife was very impressed and happy to see how I trusted my body and worked with the surges. All because of the skills I learned from Ana. Thank you so much! When anyone gets pregnant the first thing I’ll do is to recommend your class. It was a truly amazing experience. Not pain free. But manageable for sure. And I’m so proud of our daughter. She was born. Didn’t cry. Was fully awake. Looked at us. Started to search for my breast and had her first milk. We are so amazed. Thank you Ana!!!  

Maleika, Amr and baby Ella

Read about the experiences from some of our couples with the hypnobirthing preparation and the positive outcome on the birth of their children. Scroll through the slides for the stories from different families. 

Doula during Birth experience

Hear about the positive experience of Cristina Romero to have Ana with her during labor and birth, and her prior hypnobirthing preparation. 

Post-birth | Breastfeeding support experience

Testimonial breastfeeding support post birth in Dubai

The arrival of our daughter was the biggest challenge we faced. During the first days the breastfeeding in particular was difficult. The support we received during those days very important.
Ana had a fundamental role in the whole process giving us tools so that we could take the leading role and have total confidence on what we were experiencing. Besides being a wonderful person that puts her heart, her knowledge and experience in each class, Anna is very committed. Today, she is one of those special people that occupy an special place in our lives, forever

Majo, Ariel and baby Emma