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A love like no other - Birth story Mayra, Guilherme & baby Zack

I really want to share my birth story with the best intention to help and inform other women of what we are capable to do and especially how amazing we are for creating a new life.

I don't think giving birth can be easy and absolutely painless but I am now SURE it can be done in a calm and relaxed way!

My first delivery wasn't exactly as I expected with lots of interventions, stress and tension (and a big episiotomy that broke down completely 1 week after giving birth.) Many Doctors and nurses scared me with the idea of having a second baby and not being able to deliver naturally always telling me I should definitely consider a c-section.

My dream was to have a waterbirth and a Doula but unfortunately I couldn't afford it at the time so what I did was read and study everything I could about child birth. I have to say I gained a lot of knowledge and information but this wasn't enough as during delivery I wasn't feeling confident, calm and relaxed.

When I found out I got pregnant again I was trying to accept the fact that my dream birth will never happen and that probably I would end up in a c-section. I was blessed to attend one Hypnobirthing class during my last trimester and that motivated me so much.

To be honest I thought it was a bit to late and I wouldn't have enough time to learn everything but we decided to attend the full Hypnobirthing programme with my husband and that was the best decision I've made!

The best lesson I've learned with this amazing classes with Ana Piera from The Dancing Birth is that when you focus on something all the universe conspire to help you achieve it.

And, with practice and repeating the same techniques and exercises I gained more confidence in preparation for the big day. Also, it was so important to get my husband (birth partner) involved as much as possible so on the day he not only was there for me but he reminded me the breathing techniques and kept me focus on my beautiful baby and birth experience.

With 38 weeks baby Zack arrived to this world with 3.880kg and 52.5cm.

On the 6th of March my surges (uterine contractions) started at around 7am. I had a nice breakfast with my family, played with my daughter and even took a warm and relaxing bath before deciding to go to the hospital at around 11am when I noticed that the gap between the surges where around every 4min.

Arriving to the hospital I was assessed with 5cm dilation and sent to the delivery room. Jenna the midwife was spectacular. She asked me about my birth plan and when I informed her about the Hypnobirthing she knew exactly what to do. She gave us privacy at the delivery room. I did everything I could to keep positive, connected with my body and focused.

My husband took care of the music and the oxytocin was flowing. We danced, breathed and everything was flowing smoothly.

The urge to push started at around 2pm and till then my water and mucus plug were intact. In every push I was literally feeling closer to meet my baby. Mucus plug out, a big splash of water and I was super tired and couldn't support the weight of my body so laying down and with a lot of concentration and hugs (from my husband) I delivered my baby boy at 14h55 vaginally without any medical intervention.

Baby Zach

Unfortunately because of the covid-19 I couldn't have a water birth. I extremely grateful with all the treatment I received from Jenna the midwife. And with this absolutely amazing hypnobirthing course!

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