Birth story Greta, Vicenzo and baby Elenora

January 2021 Until Tuesday night I did not experienced any contractions or signs of labour. I was 39 weeks and following all the natural techniques that Ana gave us to help labour start naturally.

On Tuesday, after dinner, I felt something was happening and I realized I lost my mucus plug and my waters broke (to be precise, I was not really sure that my waters broke as the water I lost was not much – later on, I found out that my water only partially had broken at that time). It was around 10pm when I felt the first contraction, which was pretty strong, so I decided to have a warm bath.

After the bath the contractions became super close to each other (like 5 minutes apart) and very strong: I was a bit in a shock as I didn’t expect to have such painful and close contractions in such short period of time. I wanted to wait before going to the hospital as I thought that the contractions were just at the beginning but as they were SO painful and close to each other I decided to ask my husband to take me to the hospital where we arrived just after midnight.

As soon as we arrived, the midwife checked me and told me I was already 5 cm dilated. In less than one hour I reached 10 cm and at 1.37 am my baby Eleonora was born. I did not even have time to ask for any pain relief as everything was super quick. I managed to cope with the pain of such hard contractions/ surges only focusing on the breathing and the humming helped SO much.

The doctor and the midwife complimented on how I managed the pain, which I was able to do only thanks to the techniques I learned from Ana. Also my husband was incredibly supportive during all the delivery experience as he was in control as well and he knew what it was going to happen.

I want to thank you Ana and you all ladies for the virtual support of these past weeks!!!!
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