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What is the dad's role during birth?

This is one of the topics that I discuss often at events I attend and speak in.

The role of Dad during birth is crucial. Generally, moms love their husbands to be very close to them during the birth experience. 

To start, we need to keep in mind that it’s the first time for dads as it’s for moms, so let’s be kind and understanding with our birth partners. 

It is very important for dads to have the right birth preparation and information to know how the process works so they are confident to support moms more effectively. Once they have a tool box with useful techniques to help moms to remain positive, calm and relax, they are more empowered and in control of the whole situation. 

The role of the dad during the birth experience

There are 3 things that are important for birth partner to know:

1)   Relaxation: dad needs to be calm and in control to be able to support mom. Dad needs to use the techniques learned such as the breathing, massage, pressure points, positive talk, positive touch, movements, positions, etc. to continue bringing mom to the relaxation mindset no matter what path birth takes.

2)   Protection: birth partners are birth protectors. They need to take care of the environment and make sure everybody is treating the birthing mom respectfully. Also, dad can ask open questions to the medical team for the couple to be able to make informed decisions thought out the process.

3)    Be present: dad to be physically and mentally present for mom with no phone and distractions. It is a lot of observation and synchronization between the 2 of them to have a more positive, calming and beautiful birth experience and the new family journey. 

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